We’re a creative production studio based in California. We partner with startups and big brands to create great visual content.

At Dagmar Studios we value realness. We’re independent creatives who know how to produce engaging work that clients and their audiences can vibe with.

Teamwork comes natural to us. Our familiarity with one-another is infectious on set, and our thorough planning makes shoot days breezy and enjoyable. We’re pros at maximizing the value our clients get from our work too.

With an in-house crew full of talented creatives and producers, we have the flexibility and range to be nimble and precise, and we can scale-up to meet the demands of a larger, wider vision.

Dagmar Studios
was started by Helena Price.

Her experience working as a creative in Silicon Valley informed her work behind the camera as an independent photographer and creative consultant. She captured the vulnerable, human side of innovation and tech, setting the tone for the creative work she directs for our clients.

Helena’s business intuition and passion for authenticity led her to found this studio in 2013, and she continues to lead the creative vision and execution of our client work.

Dagmar Studios
is managed by Brittany Sterling.

After two years on her own, Helena met Brittany, an independent creative producer. Their instant connection and shared vision laid the foundation for our values, and the work we continue to produce for clients.

Brittany’s laser-sharp attention to detail creates open, productive environments for our creatives to make their best work. With a fine-art background, her sensibility and intuition help move the creative along thoughout production.

As a collective of skilled independent professionals we compliment each other well, forming dynamic teams clients feel comfortable collaborating with.

Our creative and production powers come from the unique experiences and individual spirit each crew member brings to our work. The result is not only great work, but a memorable creative experience that continues to inspire long after the shoot wraps.